Which warrior cat are you based on your personality

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Have you ever wondered what warrior would I be then you came to the right place I will give you my best if you just try it thank you....................

what else should I write ummmmmmm please just try but if you want to play what is your future boyfriend then go ahead.it won't hurt my feelings I don't really care

Created by: Snowstorm

  1. What food would you eat if you were a warrior cat
  2. You are the deputy and your leader is about to die he is on his last life what do you do
  3. You are in a battle where are you
  4. What would you want to do in order to serve your clan
  5. Who do you choose for a mate
  6. You see a kit in danger. What do you do
  7. You are in a battle and your mate is cornered and your leader who is on his last life what do you do
  8. There is one piece of fresh kill left on the pile who does it go to
  9. You see a kittypet in your land what do you do
  10. What happens when a cat breaks the code

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Quiz topic: Which warrior cat am I based on my personality