Which warrior cat are you?

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Warrior cats is a series written by multiple authors under the pen name Erin Hunter. There are 3 series as well as multiple 'specials' that go into the lives of warriors.

Do you have the nobility and faith of Bluestar? Or the Calm and brave of FireStar? The good nature and humor of Greystripe? The quickness and efficience of Sandstorm? Lets find out!

Created by: Taz

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  1. Your best friend falls through the ice in a river. You...
  2. You have to decide between your best friend or a boy who saved you life that you used to tease. Who would you choose?
  3. You see your teacher talking to an enemy with a happy tone. You..
  4. You get the chance to tell your teacher all about the school bully, she likes him/her as she is blind to his faults you...
  5. Soo... It's over half way through the quiz...
  6. Someone you love goes behind your back U...
  7. Who is your fave character out of these? (Yes it says answer options but doesn't change your score)
  8. What's your favorite activity?
  9. Do you like going to the doctors?
  10. Last question... How did you find this?

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Quiz topic: Which warrior cat am I?