which warrior cat are you?

hello. want to know what your thunderclan warrior name is? are you a med. cat deputy or warrior??? find out in this quiz. (it took me about an hour to make this so...)

are you a thunderclan deputy or med. cat or warrior? apprentice or no apprentice? tom or she cat????????? I put a lot of effort in this quiz so you should take it.

Created by: hannah;)
  1. what describes you the best
  2. what is your place in the clan
  3. what Colorado pelt would you like?
  4. you are hunting with your bff, Dovesong. you see her jump at every lil noise. you
  5. you see an elder get hurt. the med. cat is at moonpool. what do you do?
  6. you see a cat getting teased. you say
  7. you see tigerstar in your dreams. he tells you to kill Firestar. you:
  8. you suck
  9. what would you like to be your first name
  10. MEOW

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Quiz topic: Which warrior cat am I?