Which wand is right for you

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Hi! This is where you find your true wand.there are 15 questions to answer and answer them as truthfully as you possibly Can.you may find it hard to choose but go with what you feel

The rarest wand is the elder wand so well done you if you get it.the others are still OK to if you get those it's fine.its hard to get the elder wand.

Created by: Grace

  1. salt or pepper
  2. Flood or tsunami
  3. Stag or deer
  4. Resurrection stone or invisibility cloak
  5. Fire or ice
  6. Rain or shine
  7. Pop or rock
  8. Snow or heatwave
  9. Hunger or thirst
  10. Twix or kit kat
  11. Dawn or dusk
  12. Fruit or veg
  13. Hope or happiness
  14. Light or dark
  15. Sleep all day or be awake all night

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