Which walking dead character are you quiz

I took time making this quiz to see what charcter you would be in the walking dead and what you would do to survive and how you would react to the problem how would you solve and how would you manage a group are you solo or a leader or a follower

What are some of the steps you would take to survive the acolyse and why would you do the things you do to survive and how would you bring with you if anybody at all.

Created by: Batman777

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  1. Which is your occupation before the outbreak
  2. What's your weapon of choice
  3. Enemies are coming how do you defeat them
  4. Pick a fictional character
  5. What are your arbitubtes
  6. What's your bad trait
  7. How would your respond to the outbreak
  8. Pick a movie
  9. Pick an item
  10. Best quality trait

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Quiz topic: Which walking dead character am I quiz