Which undertale character are you?

Hello I am a geeky girl that likes undertale so I made this Quiz. It's my first one so it's not with a lot of questions but I hope you enjoy. A DISCLAIMER !!!

The characters and the content in undertale DO NOT belong to me. It belongs to his rightful owner a.k.a. TOBY FOX . Now let us begin now shall we....?

Created by: Itz_Elys7913

  1. Hello this is my first quiz hope you enjoy.
  2. What do you do in you spare time ?
  3. What's your favourite colour ?
  4. Drimurrs or Skele-bros ?
  5. Gaster or So sorry ?
  6. Mercy,Item,Act,Fight
  7. What do you hate ?
  8. Butterscotch or Sinommon ?
  9. Favorite food ?
  10. Chara or Flowey
  11. Love or L.O.V.E. ?

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Quiz topic: Which undertale character am I?