Are you a Warrior or UnderTale fan?

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Hello, Ello, Hola, Hi, wait, what else means hello? Eh. Any who, UnderTale and Warriors. My two favorite things pushing and pulling away, now side by side. XD

To day after you answer all 10 questions, you will get one of the answers. Just remember, today you will get an answer to your question. Now go enjoy!

Created by: RosePelt

  1. What do you like most?
  2. What description do you perfer?
  3. Do you know what warriors are?
  4. Do you know what UnderTale is?
  5. Do you like monsters or fur more?
  6. What is your favorite name out of these?
  7. Okay, Do yo-NOT YET!!!! How would you attack somebody?
  8. How many joke do you hear in your most favorite game
  9. Who are Rusty and Frisk ?
  10. What is the first book/game made called?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Warrior or UnderTale fan?