Which type of vehicle are you?

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This quiz as obviously determines whether what type of vehicle you are. What you are in. What you would like to own too.and just have fun and idk I'm randomly filling this is to make sure 150 characters are up aaaand it is.. Well thank you

Accuracy is gonna be high so be honest and go away answer and find out what you would like to waste your money on(or invest). And dont worry as many people believe, I doubt this takes any info abt you bcz it srsly gas no use of knowing what type of vehicle you are, and hence this quiz bym me, the one and only, you know who from you know where and who it is :)

Created by: Cavtars
  1. Do you like being on track in your comfy zone yet go off track once in a while to explore new stuff and actually not mess up
  2. If someone pulls you out of your comfy zone what do you do?
  3. Travelling opinions?
  4. Do you like being modern or vintage
  5. Do you like continuing something new?
  6. Are you funny lookin? Or are you funny in nature?
  7. Do you have any personal opinion os someone as they walk?
  8. Do you like the smell of petrol?
  9. Do you hate having to be silent
  10. Do you like to have fun with:(choose anyone) not literally, just choose an option) :) ;)

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Quiz topic: Which type of vehicle am I?