Which Type Of Shoe Is Right For You?!

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DO u like shoes? do u need 2 know what shoe is best 4 u? Then take this quiz! Find out what shoe fits u! Is it gonna be sandals, boots, sneakers or mary janes?! Find out!

Please take this quiz! Please! Id love it if u did! I will take yours! If you dont take this quiz I will stalk you down and kill you no seriously, take this quiz i gurantee it will help those who need it!

Created by: Joy and Suz
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Looking For shoes u go for..
  2. U love..
  3. U love
  4. Ur closet includes..
  5. Ur everyday look is
  6. U enjoy..
  7. U hate..
  8. DO u like shoes?
  9. WHy r u taking this quiz?
  10. U ready 2 see what shoe is best for u?

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