Which TY Beanie are you?

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Ty Beanies are yet another famous Company they produce thousand of products but this is based on The TY Beanie Boos which are a new range and very cute

So you want to know which TY Beanie Boo you are? Well I won't give you the Possible results yet, maybe you can guess them while you take it. Come on you know you want to

Created by: sammierox1997
  1. Which Animal do you like more??
  2. Which Colour do you like more??
  3. Which Name is Cutest??
  4. Pick a meal
  5. Pick a Category
  6. Pick an activity
  7. Which do you prefer
  8. Do you like hugs??
  9. Are you very Active
  10. Pick a Sound

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Quiz topic: Which TY Beanie am I?