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  • Twilight character would you date? (girls only)

    Your Result: Edward Cullen 89%

    You are quiet and smart. Who wouldn't love you? You have the same characteristics of Bella Swan and you are a risk-taker. You trust the Cullens completely to not kill you.

    66% Jacob Black
    65% Jasper Cullen
    63% Emmett Cullen
    28% Mike Newton

    Because I'm happy!!! Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof ^_^

    Sarah Louise
  • Cool! I got Jasper. He's my favorite anyway. I think he's really sweet and hot.

  • man i love jasper hes the best!!! and hes perfect for alice (alice is my favorite)

  • i got jacob :I he is soo f#$@ing HOT!!! i love him!!! renesmee can go away >:(

    • renesmee is the whole plot of the freaking movies!!!!!

    • yeah but Jacob is still hot I myself preferer embry call he is my dream guy. if we were dating I'd already be pregnant


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