Which Twilight Character Are You?

As i look back at this quiz I think, "I was that dumb?" I hope you enjoyed my funny and imformative quiz.After all what's not to enjoy? I mean i put some skill into this. Really I did. Don't laugh, it took an hour! Thanks, for nothing.:)

Are you Bella, Rosealia, Alice, or none. Ready to find out? Are you sure? Posative? Did i spell that right? Anyways, in my awsome quiz, you'll have to answer truthfully. I am so totally serious. Have fun and good luck to the people who really need it.

Created by: Clara

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who is ur love?
  2. Vampire or werewolf?
  3. What's ur day to day outfit?
  4. Fast car?
  5. Was this quiz fun?
  6. blood?
  7. What's ur fav Twilight book?
  8. good bye!
  9. no seriously. bye
  10. . i am not kidding

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Quiz topic: Which Twilight Character am I?