Which The Sims 2 Character are you most like?

Do you ever wonder which The Sims 2 (TS2) character your most like? Probably not. But take this quiz anyway. It will probably be more interesting than you think (or not)!

Taking this quiz may confuse you, but hey, it won't do any harm. With 3 amazing characters to choose from, who knows what could happen? Take the quiz, and remember this is entirely fictional. But it may change the way you live FOREVER.

Created by: Charlotte

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your most loved hobby?
  2. Are you married?
  3. What colour is your hair?
  4. Are you rich?
  5. Do you have kids?
  6. What's your job?
  7. Do you own a computer? (Well, duh unless you take this on someone else's computer)
  8. Do you have any brothers or siters?
  9. Do you play The Sims 2? (This question has no effect on your quiz)
  10. Why did you take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which The Sims 2 Character am I most like?