Which the pals member are you?

which the pals member are you?try this quiz to find out and have fun this quiz is about the pals and all of the question has something to do with the pals so i hope you enjoy!

doyou wanna know which pals member are you try this quiz to find out!find something you have in common have fun a discover some things you might not know about the pals!

Created by: UniFran

  1. Do you like travelling?
  2. do you like memes?
  3. what is you'r favorite color?
  4. what's your opinion about hot pockets?
  5. do you like la la land?
  6. do you like dares?
  7. do you like wearing glasses?
  8. whats your favorite animal?
  9. who's you'r favorite member of the pals?
  10. whats you'r favorite candy?
  11. whats you'r opinion about the pals?

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