Which Targaryen royal are you?

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I created this one because it seems people truly enjoyed the first one, so I chose to indulge us with more Buzzfeed-like content. I need to write more stuff in order to publish this, so... ¯Sweetrobin is a little brat, Sansa's the best character e-v-e-r and please, I want to go to my friend's house. Why do I have to write so much rubbish in order to free this?

I have no idea of what some of you may get, but whatever. Alyssa Velaryon is included just because. I wanted to include so many others but the test just gives you the opportunity to add ten options :'(.

Created by: Moon Boy
  1. How should peasants be treated?
  2. Where would you live given the chance?
  3. How would you dress?
  4. Should nobles...?
  5. Would you use a crown?
  6. What would be your trade policies?
  7. What would be your tax policies?
  8. Should The North, The Iron Islands and Dorne be given independence?
  9. Should torture and the death penalty be abolished?
  10. What system would you try to promote?
  11. In what would you centre?
  12. What's your favourite style of architecture?
  13. Which would be your succession style?
  14. Whom would you choose as your female consort?
  15. Whom would you choose as your male consort?
  16. Whom would you rather have as your children?

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Quiz topic: Which Targaryen royal am I?