Which Sweet Pool Character are You?

Sweet Pool is a BL PC game not many people have heard about, or just don't talk about. It's mainly recognized for the undesirable amounts of gore, the infamously screwed up relationship between the two main protagonists, and that fact that none of the characters' routes are good.

Who, from the cast, will you be like the most? Are you outgoing like Makoto, or shy like Youji, or something else like the other characters? Well now with GTQ's first SP quiz ever, you can find out. B) (Note: I didn't include Erika, Kunihito, Junsei, Aoshima or Kamiya-sensei in this quiz.)

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  1. Which one of these describes best how you feel about crowds of people, or just people in general? Nothing special though, just a typical crowd.
  2. I'm going to list a few things. Chose which one you prefer.
  3. How do you feel about forever?
  4. Which of these would best explain how you'd take on the day?
  5. Which of these reactions would be most similar to yours if you weren't getting what you wanted?
  6. Which one of these do you think would best describe who you think you are in a crowd?
  7. Do you tend to feel guilty a lot?
  8. How do you feel about your family?
  9. If you're a student, how do you feel about how you take on studies?
  10. We've reached the end! How are you feeling?

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Quiz topic: Which Sweet Pool Character am I?