Which surreal concept are you?

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Most of the depths of human understanding that we share are intangible. We all suffer them, they penetrate each of our souls, they unite us all, and tear us all apart.

The chill of disappointment, the fury of reject, the dizzying heights of passion and of love, we all feel them, we all understand, but they escape our touch, slip between our fingers. Which surreal concept are you?

Created by: David Shaw
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  1. You see a Latvian man staring across a coffee shop at a woman he dreamed would be his wife a hundred years ago. Do you
  2. You visit your favourite shop to buy a coat, but a grinning lady festooned with lipstick tells you that there's no such thing as coats, coats were just a joke mentioned in a novelty episode of "Happy Days". Do you
  3. A queen visits from the future, presenting you with a pendant in the shape of a radiator, believing that it is the pinnacle of 21st century worship because future archiologists found them amidst the remnants of every home. Do you
  4. You wake up in your next-door-neighbour's house. It is empty of furniture and people. You leave the house, and go about your business, but your friends, family, and colleagues refuse to belive that you are you, as another person that looks just like you is living your life and living in your house. Do you
  5. You get a promotion at work. You are told that your only job for the rest of your working life is to protect all the geese. You are given an office in an empty building, and five pens, and told that you have no boss. You can act with complete autonomy and authority in protecting the geese in any way that you see fit. Do you
  6. You find out that all hamsters have a secret written on a scroll embedded into each kidney. Do you
  7. You are on a televised quiz show, and Dale Winton tells you that you'll win £5,000,000 if you can prove that there is no such thing as a soul. Do you
  8. Everyone except for you forgets the value of everything, and you are offered the opportunity to buy a bottle of water or a bag of diamonds for 10p. Do you
  9. You are commissioned to create an advertising campaign designed to make parsnips more appealing to the 21 to 35 year old market. Do you
  10. You develop a twitch, amd everytime that you twitch, everybody laughs at you, but one of your wishes come true. Do you

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Quiz topic: Which surreal concept am I?