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  • Your Result: Evil Future Guy 66%

    You've come from the future, to play pranks on the cavemen of what we foolishly call the present. Your powers come from technology that is commonplace for people of your time period, but ridiculously advanced for ours. You are still defeated quite easily by the most annoying of heroes and forced back to your time period. For some reason, you wait a long time before coming back. The only problem is that your nemeses can kill you quite easily if they can travel forward in time to convince your mother to get an abortion. Ouch.

    56% Evil Samurai
    40% Evil Cthulian Nightmare Beast
    36% Evil Scientist
    34% Evil Sociopath
    26% Evil Businessman
    20% A Good Guy
    16% Evil Coward
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    Thanks for taking the quiz. Just don't do anything based on this. Please. I'm serious cuz then I get sued and stuff and the whole experience is very unpleasant. So just don't. Unless you got the Good Guy ending in which case please help society. But not in a dangerous way, cuz then I get sued again. Yeah.

    "Which supervillain archetype are you?" was created by Brad Wolf

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  • Wow! That IS accurate. Believe it or not.

    Ken Chang

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