which star are you?

Some people like stars but are you like one???????see what star you are in this quiz sing or do what ever you want to see what star you are!!!!and remember have fun!

Think you know what star you are? then prove it in this quiz hate it,love it,comment it...but remember to have fun and SHINE this is to have lots of fun!

Created by: Roxy178356

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like help children???
  2. what hair color do you have?
  3. what do you like?.....
  4. you are a....
  5. one of your fans wants a autogragh wht do you tell them??
  6. if you got to sing with Justin Bieber what would you say?!
  7. some paparazzis are following you and take photos of you what do you do
  8. what song will you sing?
  9. last question what type of music do you sing?
  10. (not a question) do you know what star you r?

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Quiz topic: Which star am I?