which sonic character are you?

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Welcome to the "which sonic character are you?" quiz. There are a lot of sonic characters. In this quiz there's only 6 out of them all.in a few seconds you will find out which one you are.

want to know which character you are? want to know if you got the character you want? take this stupid quiz and find out. (I made this quiz when I was tired and so sleepy so some words might not make sense at all)

Created by: Tailsandsnivy
  1. whats your favorite food?
  2. are you mosty bad or good?
  3. describe yourself.
  4. if you found 10 bucks on the ground what will you do?
  5. are you in love?
  6. what is your reaction when your happy?
  7. Mickey Mouse!
  8. if you hear a person cry for help what will you do?
  9. what kind of power do you want?
  10. Which one do you want to be?
  11. which character do you dont want to be?

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Quiz topic: Which sonic character am I?