Which Sonic Character Are You?

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As a Sonic fan, I felt the urge to create this quiz.... :P kidding! But really, Sonic rocks! Do you think Sonic rocks? Then complete this quiz!

Which Sonic character are you? Shadow, Amy, Tails, Cream, Eggman, Knuckles, or even Sonic himself? Find out!!!! Dum. Dum. Playin' the drum

Created by: Wonderland Alice
  1. Your opponent is crying that he doesn't want to fight, so you walk away to show you mean no harm. Then your opponent attacks you from behind. You...
  2. Which side are you on?
  3. Your dream date?
  4. You are best in...
  5. Do ya like waffles? :D
  6. Guess what? You got a new passport!! (yay!) Unfortunately, you look like a total freak! Eek! (eh heh.. rhyme)
  7. The Master Emerald has been stolen!
  8. Do you like cooking?
  9. Your favorite color? :D (small effect)
  10. That's it! Byeeeee!

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Quiz topic: Which Sonic Character am I?