Which Sonic character are you?

I made this quiz cuz I really wanted to make a sonic quiz.So are you Sonic the Hedghog,Shadow the Hedghog,Silver the Hedghog or Amy Rose?Sorry that I---

Didn't put anymore sonic characters like Rouge,Eggman,Knuckles,Tails and other sonic characters that I can't think of.Cuz I really didn't feel like it.:P

Created by: PuPpYxoxo

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  1. Are you good or evil?
  2. Do you love saving the world?
  3. Do you love stealing chaos emeralds or not?
  4. Which Sonic character you wanna be?
  5. What color skin you wanna have?
  6. Ready for results?
  7. Rate?
  8. Comment?
  9. Fav color
  10. Bye!!

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Quiz topic: Which Sonic character am I?