Which Song Are You?

Sometimes people wonder about who they are. Me? I wonder about who I am all the time. Well this quiz may help you decide what type of person you are. No guarentees though. xD

Sometimes you ask "Who am I?" "What am I truely like?". No one can truely figure out who they are. We only find out parts of who we are. Maybe this quick quiz will help. At least a little, I hope. Good luck~!

Created by: Moyashi

  1. When someone accidently bumps into you, you...
  2. Revenge?
  3. Someone says something mean about your friend. What do you do?
  4. A girl/boy you greatly dislike, and seems to bother you A LOT, gets hurt. You...
  5. You have a friend who you think is rather close to you. You like someone, but you're too shy to tell them. You ask your friend to ask them for you, but then you find out that your friend asked your crush for themselves!
  6. You're working in groups. You get stuck with someone who you don't even know, but they're very smart in the subject. Your reaction?
  7. Are you...
  8. On weekends you...
  9. Color?
  10. How many people are upsetting you right now?
  11. If you are satisfied with your result, please let me know...Nah you don't have to but if you want then go ahead. :D

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Quiz topic: Which Song am I?