Which SNSD member fits you?

This quiz is about snsd girls generation so Nyuh Shi dae! These are the beautiful,elegant, and clever girls. They have made it big this time! Cause there are a lot of ppl who love them.

They are Sunny Sooyoung Tiffany Yuri Taeyeon yoona seohyun yuri hyoyeon! Taeyeon is the leader! Cause she is the oldest! Their songs are nice and lovely!

Created by: Unixuan

  1. What does SNSD Sunny like to do?
  2. Who has the longest legs?
  3. Who is the dancing queen in SNSD?
  4. Who is named ' Ice Princess' in SNSD as nickname?
  5. What is SNSD NEWEST song?
  6. Which member in SNSD acted in the show 'Fashion King' ?
  7. Which member acted in the show 'Love Rain' ?
  8. Which member acted in the show 'Love Rain' ?
  9. Which member Yonghwa always hang out with??
  10. Which SNSD member loves Mickey mouse?
  11. How many members are there?

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