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  • Your Result: Cynder 97%

    You must be a tomboy then, well, if you are a girl. You are powerful, a bit of aggressiveness, and energetic. You have something stirring in your heart. But, it is being locked by your caring nature.

    P.S., I love your username! CynderRulz 4ever!

  • our Result: Stump Smash 83%

    You like going green. You are kind, warm, and kind of a little vicious. Just stay on the good side. If you go to the dark side, that is bad for your nature.

    69% Cynder
    65% Bash
    62% Special
    46% Trigger Happy
    34% Sonic Boom
    29% Flameslinger
    22% Spyro
    12% Gill Grunt

    Just please add Stealth Elf, my favorite, and you get 5 stars.

  • Guys, just to remind you, please dont add mean comments to this quiz. I really wont appreciate it. Since that is also known as Cyber Bullying, I will NOT appreciate it. Just a reminder.

  • It was awesome I would have a user but this is some one who got selected as spyro so I'll just go with that because this quiz was the best and plus I LOVE Spyro

    Spyros rule
  • Take my quiz on birds please I got special

  • I got a Cynder which is one of my favorite characters. I enjoy this quiz.

  • I love this quiz


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