Which Simpsons Character Are You?

Each Simpson character has their own individual personality, find out what yours is by taking this quiz. If you are a fan of the Simpsons you will enjoy this quiz. Find out which lovable Simpsons character you are now.

This quiz consists of seventeen multiple choice questions. Find out what your personality is and who you are most like from the Simpsons. I hope you like it and enjoy.

Created by: Honeytoast
  1. Choose what describes you the most.
  2. Which job would you prefer?
  3. Choose an activity...
  4. What do you believe in the most?
  5. If an animal was stuck up a tree you would...
  6. What would you be most upset if you lost?
  7. What describes you...
  8. Choose another profession.
  9. Which would you like to be famous for?
  10. What drinks do you prefer?
  11. Which animal are you most like?
  12. Which word describes you...
  13. What's the worst thing you have done?
  14. You would like to...
  15. You would be jealous if someone...

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Quiz topic: Which Simpsons Character am I?