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  • Lisa.

    anonymousgirl Aug 18 '15, 8:27AM
  • I got Bart but I'd thought I would get Homer

    adam123 Apr 14 '15, 12:06PM
  • I got Lisa.

    pickles123 May 5 '14, 10:15AM
  • I'm Maggie, I feel like her a lot *sucks pacifier*

    ultamitetailsfan May 1 '14, 12:10AM
  • I got homer. But Maggie was a close second.

    Derpface Mar 25 '14, 9:49AM
  • im bart

    aaronalexander Aug 1 '13, 9:25PM
  • i never watched simpsons but my friends love it so i took this test i got bart. what's he like?

    defenderdeud1 Sep 6 '12, 12:28AM
  • Haha i got Maggie

    BabyLisa95 May 22 '12, 1:40PM
  • ewwww Marge!!! so now i don't only hate her, but i do hate myself too... how can i be Marge? i love my husband and never piss him off in any way... ^^

    kahlua Jul 7 '11, 6:36AM
  • I got Homer... O.o I'm a vegetarian, rescue unwanted animals, care about the environment, and I'm studying to be an optician. I think I'm closer to Lisa. :p
    Also, Dr. Nick says "Hi, everybody" not "hello everybody"...

    fox_girl Dec 3 '10, 1:37PM
  • fastkev95 you arae such a showoff, and i got lisa yay

    mickeymouse Dec 30 '09, 6:51PM
  • I'm Lisa

    Cad Bane Oct 19 '09, 10:26PM
  • I got Maggie! What the HECK is that about! Well, atleast I shoot people.

    Joshi001 Aug 19 '09, 2:19PM
  • Oh, I'm making people happy! I'm the Happy Fairy, and I live in a gumdrop house on Lollipop Laaaaaaaane. Oh, by the way, I was being sarcastic.

    Yuuto May 14 '09, 4:17PM
  • um i think it is "hi everybody" not hello everybody

    bvrsgfb Jan 28 '09, 1:36AM
  • I am so with ya' I looooovvvveeeee the simpsons!

    MNZ98 Dec 21 '08, 11:02AM
  • I got Maggie YAY she shoots people :) I luv Simpsons

    Samantha Aug 1 '08, 12:57AM
  • yeah i'm Bart right on!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sophieloo Jul 21 '08, 4:27PM

    fastkev95 Jun 26 '08, 10:06AM

    fastkev95 Jun 26 '08, 10:04AM
  • BEER

    fastkev95 Jun 26 '08, 10:04AM
  • ok im homer thats not so bad

    legendabbott May 11 '08, 11:16PM

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