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  • Macbeth is the story about the evil inside of a man. Macbeth, a thane of Glamis, is first labeled as a brave and noble soldier. But when three witches fortell of a prophecy in which he will one day be king, he becomes slowly corrupted, and hungry for power. Making his prophecy a reality, Macbeth assassinates the current king, Duncan, to take his throne. As the new king, Macbeth's rule is filled with deceit and lies. Macbeth even goes so far as to kill his best friend, Banquo, to keep his throne. In the end, Macbeth is slain by another noble, Macduff, and his tyrannic rule is finally ended. Those of you that got this result probably have a desire for power, and are willing to go to great legnths to get that power.

    Ah Shakespeare!! Yes!! I like Shakespeare in general, so yay for the quiz!

  • Your Result: Romeo and Juliet

    50% A typical love story, Romeo and Juliet is arguably Shakespeare's most famous work :). Those of you that got this result are probably lovers of love, or hopeless romantics. Either way, this result says a lot about your personality: passionate, firey, romantic, and fresh :).


    James Bond
  • I wanna read Shakespeare but my brother says they have a whole class just for Shakespeare! Which made me think, you need a lot of work to understand one sentence.

  • Henry V, which I think is a seriously awesome play! :D

  • Kepler, I know right?! Shakespeare is the freaking man :D

    Trolling Bankson
  • Lol :) I took it myself and I got Midsummer Night's Dream :D

    Trolling Bankson
  • Macbeth. i like the sound of that. Evil smile.


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