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  • Bocbo, TAD was not from Boise...Tad Doyle's prior band, H-Hour was...but TAD was formed in Seattle in the ashes of Bundle of Hiss.

    harvey Jan 1 '14, 6:59PM
  • The Walkabouts should've been in there. Sadhappy and Hammerbox too.

    bfly Nov 4 '13, 8:22PM
  • Heck yeah almost 100% Pearl Jam, yep, that's me!!

    shellsoftly Nov 4 '13, 2:46PM
  • 81% fastbacks, 78% tad. Not bad.

    colemanimal Nov 4 '13, 6:35AM
  • dumb--- quiz. TAD was from Boise Id.

    Bocbo Nov 3 '13, 11:35PM
  • The squirrels:P meh doesn't really sound like me:( and I've never heard any of these bands:/ nice quiz anyway I guess lol

    glitterchick97 Oct 11 '11, 11:15PM
  • Cool. I got Pearl Jam!

    Davis313 Oct 11 '11, 7:33PM

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