Which ruler are you ?

Do you like history ? I love history that's why I created this quiz , it consists o mainly self based questions and is having good plus evil / bad rulers as result

I ve worked really hard and I hope you lik it it's interesting and welming please rate and comment what you got your participation in this quiz is considered good best of luck

Created by: Kristy Thomas

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pick one ....
  2. You consider which empire to be interesting in the following
  3. You consider yourself
  4. Do you think of yourself first and then others ?
  5. Is war a solution to anything ?
  6. You would like to die........
  7. Which rulers are good the one who rule in BC or the one who rule in AD ?
  8. Which continent do you live
  9. You consider your self.........
  10. Where is Rome ?
  11. Please rate , and comment what you got
  12. Do you like history

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Quiz topic: Which ruler am I ?