Which Puppy Suits You?!?!?

not everyone knows what type of doggy they should get,BUT MY KWIZ KNOWZ!!! please rate and comment!!! and i hope that u LUV MAH KWIZ!!! enjoy! :) :) :)

i hope that you like your results!!! my doggy happens to be a mutt so... also just remember: the bigger the dog: the bigger the POOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Lufford

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  1. do you have a lot of ime on your hands?
  2. do you have money to spend on your dog?
  3. will you take your dog on long walks?
  4. will you dress your dog?
  5. now i will do yes or no questions. ok? (no effect)
  6. will you train your dog to do tricks?
  7. will you ever cook for your dog?
  8. will you give your dog long head scratches?
  9. rate???!!!???!!!???!!! (no more yes or no's)
  10. COMMENT???!!!???!!!???!!!

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Quiz topic: Which Puppy suits me?!?!?