which problematic danganronpa kinnie are you

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A quiz that I made while I was insaaaanely bored! Very bored!!! ALSOOO!!! Spoilers for the games Trigger Happy Havoc and Goodbye Despair.You should have expected spoilers.

Now I have to write again. This is seriously annoying. Like really annoying. ANYWAYS, this was entirely a joke and not meant to offend. Dont sue me if you dont get someone you already kin.

Created by: oliver

  1. how often do you insult your friends
  2. are you confident in yourself
  3. what do you do when you're bored
  4. whats your favourite video game genre (if it isnt here, pick the one you like the most)
  5. favourite MUSIC genre (again, if not here pick one you like)
  6. pick an aesthetic
  7. pick a protag x antag ship
  8. pick a protag x support ship
  9. favourite fanfic AU
  10. final one, what makes you like a charactert

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Quiz topic: Which problematic danganronpa kinnie am I