What OMORI character are you? (MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING UwU)

HIIIII it's tebymister at it with another quiz! '2 quizzes in one day?' well I'm bored, 'You are the most amazing pogger we've ever seen' Well... Thanks *Smug af*

Well... This is omori sooooo yea.. Major spoilers sooo don't go ahead if you think you need to play the game first :3 anywho de tebybear wishes you luck to all my poggers.

  1. 1. When you see something scary, what do you do?
  2. 2. What zodiac are you :3
  3. 3. What zodiac sign are u (Part 2 :3)
  4. 4. Pick an ability.
  5. 5. Pick an item
  6. 6. Pick the things you like!
  7. 7. Personality Traits (yesiamlazy)
  8. 8. PICK A BATTLE ROLE *Epic pog 'Chose your character' meme plays*
  9. 9. Spooders rating?
  10. 10. How talkative are you...like how do you talk?
  11. 11. You got to the end...you are a true pogger *wipes tear*

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Quiz topic: What OMORI character am I? (MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING UwU)