Which Powerless hero are you quiz

This quiz is to dtermine your strengths and weakenesses and how you would handle a switchwation and plan to survive in the fictional world and how you would survive your struggles and problems

Think about it and Google each character I put on the quiz and take time to think about what charcter you got and reserach what they come form and what they mean and there struggles to thirve and survive therir struggles

Created by: Batman777
  1. Which weopon would you use
  2. How would you fight your battle
  3. What do you want to gain?
  4. Where do you live
  5. Who are you fighting for
  6. Who are your enemies
  7. What are your strengths
  8. What might lead to your downfall
  9. How do you plan to fight
  10. Pick a famous enemy
  11. What do you like to do one spare time

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Quiz topic: Which Powerless hero am I quiz