Which Power Punk Girl Are You?

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The Power Punk Girls were created by Oppressor Plutonium. The PPNKG's are made of salt, vinegar, and everything nasty (and Chemical X). They have similar proportions as the Powerpuffs: large heads, large eyes, and small bodies; however, unlike the Girls' uniformed outfits, one stripe and white tights and black Mary Janes, the Powerpunks wear different style outfits than each other. They live in a different City (Vilestown). However, they like to destroy everything, gross people out, and dominate their surroundings. Oddly enough, the good in Townsville (Professor Utonium, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup), and the bad in Townsville (Mojo Jojo, Him, The Amoeba Boys, Fuzzy Lumpkins), are reversed. They get to Townsville through a heart mirror in their room which serves as a portal to their universe.

The Power Punk Girls are the Power Puff Girls opposites, they appeared in the comic Deja View. I wish they appeared in the series, they are super cool. My favourite is Berserk ^w^! Are you ready to see what PPNKG are you? Enjoy qwq

Created by: LiaTheBearOwO
  1. Don't kill me please... Uhhhh.... WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE COLOR!!!! *becomes Lighting McQueen and runs*
  2. What's your hair color?
  3. What's your eye color?
  4. Which of these hairstyles would you like to have?
  5. Which of these oufits would you like to wear?
  6. How much of a mean person are you?
  7. Are you careless?
  8. Do you wanna join the Power Punk Girls? Or are you already in? (I am uwu) (no effect btw)
  9. Which of these traits would you describe yourself?
  10. Bye qwq

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Quiz topic: Which Power Punk Girl am I?