Which Pokemon Conquest warlord are YOU!!!

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If you have played Pokemon Conquest you might know the Two Rivals ,Kenshin and Shingen , you may even have a Favorite out of all of them.This is my very first Quiz so enjoy.

I could only pick atlest 10 Warlords so you could be Kindhearted Oichi, Fierce Ginchiyo, Wise Kenshin, Mischievous Shingen, Trustworthy Mitsuhide, or finally Noble Nobunga. Find out who you are in this Quiz.Most importantly have FUN!!!

Created by: AspireingDirector
  1. You saw it coming pick a Color.{Dosen't effect score}
  2. You see some people arguing it may even go violent, What do you do?
  3. You see "The Light of a Legendary Pokemon" what is the pokemon?
  4. OH NO Kenshin/Shingen are attacking your kingdom... Your reaction is....
  5. Pick one.
  6. What do you think is the reson people travel to other kingdoms in less than a day?
  7. What is your "anger" emotion.
  8. You are in 16th century of Japan Your Pokemon became a Weapon. What is your weapon
  9. Last Question : Did you like the quiz *Its my first and don't affect score*
  10. LIED this is The actual last question: Will you rate don't affect score

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Quiz topic: Which Pokemon Conquest warlord am I!!!