Which Pokemon are you most like?

I know,you must see many,many,many,many other quizzes like this one.But mine's unique.I hope you'll at least try it.If you don't,good riddance to you.

If you do,you'll find I've got some unique answers.3 are generation 1,but one is from 2.I also suggest that you do not just click through it.That might give you a ----------.

Created by: JoSeph

  1. Which attack would you rather have?
  2. If you get released by your trainer,how would you respond?
  3. What would be your ability?
  4. If your trainer is sad,would you comfort them?
  5. When in the wild,if a trainer approaches with a Pokeball,would you let them capture you?
  6. What would your habitat be?
  7. What would be your battle strategy?
  8. How often do you win in battles?
  9. Would you be one of the heavier Pokemon?
  10. What color would you be?

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Quiz topic: Which Pokemon am I most like?