Which Pokemon Are You?

If you lived in the Pokemon world, which Pokemon would you be, based on your personality? Now you can find out! Of course, this doesn't have all of the Pokemon, just a few whose personalities stand out.

What Pokemon are you? This quiz will try to figure out what personality type you are, and find the Pokemon that most closely matches your personality type!

Created by: Joseph
  1. Do you prefer it to be quiet, or loud?
  2. Do you prefer to have a practical approach when doing something, by doing what you were taught, or do you like to come up with your own, more interesting, ways of doing things?
  3. When making decisions, do you tend to use your gut feeling or do you usually try to think about it before saying anything?
  4. According to you, should things always be started and then finished, or is it better to go with the flow and leave some work unfinished?
  5. Do you usually have more fun hanging out with lots of friends or doing something by yourself?
  6. Do you need to be convinced that an idea will work before trying it, or do you care more about the idea itself rather than if it works or not?
  7. Do you think lying is okay if it's to protect someone's feelings, or is it important to be direct?
  8. Do you think that rules are always necessary, so you can set boundaries, or do you think that most rules are questionable?
  9. In public spaces, are you usually noticed before other people, or are you often out of the spotlight?
  10. When you have a problem, do you prefer to use your past experiences to find a solution or do you like to think up a new solution?
  11. When someone tries to insult you, do you usually not take it to your heart, or do you feel hurt?
  12. Do you often feel the need to control what's happening around you, or are you content to just understand what's happening?

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