Which piece of the triforce would you have?

go to GoodnoBakes at Deviantart to find out more about this quiz and I am filling in the needed junk so I can finish this quiz ABCDefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

wout more about this quiz I am now filling in the characters I need to to finish this quiz!!ell, remember to go to GoodnoBakes at Deviantart, to find

Created by: Good_no_Bakes
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  1. OK, let's start simple. which of the following stones do you like best.
  2. which planet do you most identify with (if not on this question, it continues onto the next one)
  3. (continued from last question)
  4. which side of the bed do you get up on?
  5. You hate paprika?
  6. The game
  7. THIS IS _______
  8. True or false, Kefka PWNS Sephiroth
  9. The triforce... what is it?
  10. how do you stop a war?
  11. what is the QuadForce?

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