Which Personality are U?

Personalities are things that can describe a certain person or group, or to describe how they're feeling. Such as if a person was, "Silly", just because they do something wacky and say funny things. What's YOUR PERSONALITY?

Do you like helping out others when they are embarrassed? Do you love to goof around and be a silly willy? Take this quiz to find out which personality will be able to suit you, for a change.

Created by: Pee Anders
  1. If you had a summer vacation, You...
  2. In school, people would think you are...
  3. Are you well excercised or a little lazyness is into you?
  4. You mostly care about...
  5. You hate people that are...
  6. Do you make the right or wrong decisions?
  7. You actually speak...
  8. Do you like being healthy or not?
  9. Do you spread any rumors like any other selfish person?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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