Which person in my class are you( girl's version )

Most are no effect so don't worry just state your style m. M m m m m. Ghhjhgnkgugvnugbjjhmghjrfhujjcjdjdjjvjfjfjjrjfjfj


Created by: jujayfourevs

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hair color sorry no one in my class has black hair
  2. Dance party
  3. I forgot a result it is Lydia she has light brown hair and green eyes so if you think you are more like her than what you get sorry!
  4. Highlights?
  5. Hair thin or thick
  6. Eye color
  7. Do you like kids
  8. Hi
  9. Snowman?
  10. Rate or else

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Quiz topic: Which person in my class am I( girl's version )