Which Outlast hero are you.

This quiz is a personality test to see which character you are most like and why it matches your strengths and flaws and how they reflect opon you on everyday lif

This will determine if you are a firecracker cool under pressure or both and how you can improve your self towards everyday life and general so have a good one and remember to relax it's just a quiz and should be taken seriously too.

Created by: Batsintown77

  1. Something doesn't feel right what's your response?
  2. What grosses you out the most?
  3. What do you think of your boss?
  4. How do you handle goals?
  5. Describes yourself in a Color?
  6. Your really injured what do you do?
  7. How do you handle someone who is a threat
  8. What don't you like
  9. What are you mostly likely to get in trouble for?
  10. Pick an element

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Quiz topic: Which Outlast hero am I.