Which Original Element do you wield?

This is an elemental power test inspired by NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu. If you have not seen this TV series then I do not suggest taking this quiz.

The elements that you might get are Fire, Earth, Lightning, and Ice. Once again this test is inspired by Ninjago, so if you are unfamiliar with it I would not advise this test. You may begin.

Created by: Ravenclaw28
  1. Who is your favorite Elemental Master
  2. Who is your favorite villain
  3. (continuing the last question)
  4. Who is your favorite teacher
  5. What Serpentine tribe would you be in
  6. What is your favorite color combo
  7. What is your favorite season
  8. (continuing the last question)
  9. Would you rather be Wu or Garmadon
  10. Are you ready for your results

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Quiz topic: Which Original Element do I wield?