Which One Tree Hill Girl Are You?

Which One Tree Hill Girl are you most like? Lucas' Girl Brooke? Jake's Angel Peyton? Nathan's number 1 Haley? Belongs with Mouth Rachel? Skills' Shorty Bevin? Shy Clean Teen Shelly? Nasty, Jenny's mom, Niki? Entertinging Gigi? Well Click here and Find out

Take this test and find out exacally that, will you be 'Broke Davis' 'P.Sawyer' 'Tutor-Wife' 'Fondle-Me-Elmo' 'Dumbdumb' 'Clean Teen' 'Evil' or 'Sweet'

Created by: Daisy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What colour is your hair?
  2. What is your personality ?
  3. What's is your nicknames status?
  4. Who would you Rather Date?
  5. Who would you rather be?
  6. Which one?
  7. Which One?
  8. What Quote?
  9. Who Is Sophia Bush?
  10. Who is Hilarie Burton?
  11. Who Is Bethany Joie Lenz?
  12. Who is Danneel Harris?
  13. Who Is Bevin Mirsky? (Clue in the title)
  14. How was this test?

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Quiz topic: Which One Tree Hill Girl am I?