Which one of the barn regulars would marry you?

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In this quiz, you will plan a wedding. Based off of your answers, you fill find your one true love. You will find out which LUCKY barn member would marry YOU.

Please answer honestly for the most accurate results! And let me know who you got you silly silly goose :) HAVE FUN AND HOPEFULLY YOULL FIND YOUR BEAUTIFUL MISTRESS!

Created by: RoboZawmbie
  1. Whats your budget on the wedding?
  2. do you have an overall theme for your wedding?
  3. Who would you invite?
  4. what does your dress/suit look like?
  5. During the beautiful ceremony, reception, and even after party, what colors would you use to decorate the event?
  6. What about flowers?
  7. what music would be playing at the reception?
  8. where would you hold the reception?
  9. where will your honeymoon be?
  10. finally, how about the bachelor/bachelorette party...where would you go? what would you do?

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