Which one of my stuffed animals are you?

I wanted to see which one of my animals was the most common. If you could comment which one you got that would help my research greatly. This quiz is for anyone!

I really hope you have fun and that you COMMENT! I am researching which animal is common. The choices are cow, dinosaur,wolf, and teddy bear. Please don't try to aim for one. Just answer.

Created by: Amberpelt
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. I am going to say something and you are going to respond to it Ex:) Your house fell down.
  2. It's raining
  3. You get an F on your report card.
  4. Your parents die and you get all of their belongings (money included)
  5. Your friend betrays your trust somehow
  6. I'm bored
  7. Why was this quiz taken, parchance?
  8. Comments? (this counts BTW)
  9. Rate? (Be honest or your results won't be acurate. Same with #10)
  10. Bye bye

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Quiz topic: Which one of my stuffed animals am I?