Which one of my characters are you?

Ooooo which character of mine will you get?? 😮🙌 Most of them are real strange but I’m sure you’ll get the good ones. I mean I hope- anyways enjoy my quiz!

I really dunno what to put here lol you dont need to read this 😭Hope you enjoy the quiz I worked really hard on it…also this is inspired by Para animates! Go check her out now.

Created by: Puff
  1. If you were in a tough situation and it was either you of your friend what would you do?
  2. Are you usually really stressed out?
  3. Which personality is most related to you?
  4. Favorite place to go?
  5. Favorite color??
  6. Do you like talking and being active??
  7. Favorite activity?
  8. Introvert or extrovert?
  9. Favorite food flavors?
  10. Who do think ur getting? 😳

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Quiz topic: Which one of my characters am I?