which one direction member would date you?

there are many true directioners out there who hope to meet or even date the members of one direction. this quiz tells you who you are most like and the most compatible with.

who from one direction do you think suits you best? if your curious, take this quiz and find out. maybe you can even try to get your favorite member if you want.

Created by: Olivia

  1. what is your favorite color?
  2. what is your favorite movie?
  3. what is your favorite food?
  4. would you sing to your crush to get them to go out with you?
  5. have you ever been cast in one of your school plays?
  6. what is your favorite country out of the ones below?
  7. who is your fave member of one direction?(no effect)
  8. would you date anyone of any religion?
  9. almost done just one more question after this
  10. bye! hoped you enjoyed the quiz

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