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  • Which One Direction Member Is Your Soul Mate?
    Your Result: Liam Payne
    78% result

    Sophia has some competition, cause Liam thinks that YOU'VE got that One Thing. You're a bit shy, which Liam totally digs! You're sensible, smart, and probably a bit mature for your age, just like Liam! He's an old romantic, which is perfect for your busy, driven, family oriented lifestyle. Along with being so focused on what's important to you, Liam can see your laid back and relaxed side. He loves Everything About You. He knows how Strong you are and hopes you can help him with his fear of spoons!

    Liam is my favorite, and I honestly think my result was right about those things, so yeah!! Thanks for the fun quiz, I'd recommend and say it is pretty accurate! Again thank you, and take care!!

  • Which One Direction Member Is Your Soul Mate?
    Your Result: Louis Tomlinson

    78% Watch out Eleanor, it looks like theres a new girl giving Louis a Heart Attack! Louis loves your spontaneity, wit, and great sense of humor. Nobody Compares with your carefree attitude, and the fact that you dont take yourself and life too seriously. Through the Dark, the two of you will laugh Happily eating dozens of carrots and drinking hot tea.

    This is so true.

  • Your Result: Harry Styles 80%

    One day you just might be livin in STYLE with Harry! Be prepared to make some Midnight Memories with this charming flirt. Your Strong soul mate has a smile to die for and is as sweet as can be! Harry adores the fact that youre adventurous and like to try new things and places. He loves your confidence and will treat you with the respect you know you deserve.

  • Im trying to take the quiz but the quiz categories box is in the way




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