Which of these Harry Potter items would be a better gift?

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This quiz was actually just to help me decide what I should get my Harry Potter-loving friend for Christmas. Hope you enjoy, anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I filled the other paragraph with exclamation marks to get away with not having enough units or whatever you call it. I have to say something else again. Hi.

Created by: nunya

  1. What kind of puzzle do you prefer?
  2. Are you into fashion?
  3. Which of these activities do you prefer?
  4. What house have you been tested to be in?
  5. What kind of animals do you like?
  6. Are you enjoying this quiz? (No effect!)
  7. What is your favourite colour?
  8. Why are you doing this Quiz?
  9. Hello.
  10. What other fandoms are you apart of?

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